3 Tips To Save Space Before Bringing Items To A Storage Unit Rental

When you run out of storage space in your home, you can rent a storage unit at a facility to solve this problem. As soon as you gain access to the unit, you may want to start bringing items over to make room in your home. However, a smart move is to work on saving space before transporting possessions because this will help you rent a smaller unit and save more space.


Compressing items is an excellent strategy to save space. A strategic plan is to pick up vacuum seal bags in various sizes to help with compressing items by removing all the air. You can find bags where you use a vacuum to remove the air and ones that you can apply pressure on. An easy strategy is to close the bag and sit on it using your knees to push air out the tiny air flap.

Compression is something you can use to save space when storing many items. For instance, you can reduce the size of the bedding, clothing, fabrics, and stuffed animals. While most things will fit into small bags, you may need large ones for comforters and oversized stuffed animals.

When bringing these items to a storage unit, you want to keep them away from sharp edges and pieces because all it takes is a small cut or pierce to damage the bag. As soon as a hole appears, you will notice the items expanding and the vacuum seal bag increasing in size.


Disassembling items is another smart move to save space in your storage unit rental. The easiest things to disassemble are the furniture that you originally assembled. When you take apart furniture, you want to keep similar pieces together. For instance, you can put hardware in bags and use rope or tape to wrap furniture legs together to minimize how much space they take up.

Sometimes you can disassemble other items, including decorations, electronics, and toys. Even if you can only separate an item into two pieces, you will still save space.

Box Filling

Using boxes in a storage unit is beneficial because you can put many different items inside and stack the boxes to use up vertical space. You want to place heavy and durable items on the bottom of boxes to act as support and work your way up with more fragile items. A good plan is to fill boxes to the top to provide maximum support when stacking boxes on each other.

Filling boxes this way will help you use every bit of available space inside the boxes.

Use these tips to save space in your storage unit before storing items.