3 Organizational Tips To Follow When Arranging Items In Your Self-Storage Unit

Over time, you will accumulate unused and unwanted items in your home or office. This clutter makes it challenging to have a clean and organized space if you have limited storage space. Luckily, you can affordably solve your storage shortage problems by renting a self-storage unit.

The unit gives you the extra space you need for seasonal items and things that you no longer use. However, you need to organize your storage unit well for easy retrieval. Here are three organizational tips that will simplify your experience with the facility.

Choose One Box Size

The easiest way to make your stored items easy to stack and access is by having similar sizes of packaging boxes. That means you have to look for many boxes of the same dimensions when organizing your goods for storage. You can also have a variety of tiny packages stacked together and a few larger ones for large items like sporting equipment and electronic appliances. 

However, you need to minimize the number of large boxes because they may not hold the weight of other items stacked against them. Moreover, it is hard to remove big boxes when accessing something. It is also advisable to label all the boxes to avoid opening what you don't need.

Prioritize the Items You Might Need

Ideally, you will store items you do not need soon inside your storage unit. However, there is no harm in doing some seasonal storage. For that reason, you should organize your facility according to how soon you might need the items. For example, you can have winter clothing at the front of the store if winter is around the corner. 

On the other hand, the broken bike that you might never use again can occupy the back of the unit. Other items that may be least in your priorities include trip supplies, holiday decorations, unused toys, and old office documents. 

Create a Content List

A time might come when you need something from your storage unit but are not there to retrieve it. A master content list makes it easy for someone else to access the storage in your absence and retrieve something. This list shows all the boxes in the unit and what they contain. You can also print the list to simplify reading.

These simple guidelines will give you an easy time managing your self-storage unit. Speak to a storage facility, such as Storage City Self Storage, for other storage and organizational tips.