An Artistic Approach To Self Storage Units

Creative minds often come up with radical and interesting pieces of art. Unfortunately, finding a place to display these works can be challenging for struggling artists. If you have a strong desire to support the arts, creating a pop-up art show might be a great way to give back to the art community in your area.

Self-storage units can provide the perfect setting for a pop-up art exhibit. Get prepared for an interesting evening by keeping these three tips in mind as you work to transform a self-storage unit into a makeshift art gallery.

1. Check the climate controls.

Art is typically created using mediums that need to be cared for properly in order to preserve their structure. Housing an oil painting or a clay sculpture in a warm storage unit could lead to irreparable damage.

As you secure a space for your pop-up gallery, make sure you are renting a storage unit that is climate-controlled. Having the ability to independently set the temperature in your unit will allow you to safely display works of art, regardless of the medium from which they were created.

2. Invest in proper hardware.

Most storage units have policies in place that prohibit customers from altering the physical structure of individual storage units in any way. This means that you will have to come up with a creative way to hang paintings or photographs without using nails fastened to the walls of the storage unit.

You can try using temporary hooks for lightweight pieces, but you might have to build frame from which you can safely hand heavier pieces of art during your pop-up display.

3. Obtain permission for guests.

Sharing the artwork you have collected in your pop-up gallery is important, but you need to work closely with storage unit management to ensure you can safely bring guests into your unit. Scheduling viewings by appointment only will limit the amount of foot traffic at any given time to a manageable number and allow you to keep the premises clean while art aficionados enjoy your collection.

The management team at your storage unit facility will be able to help you create a guest admission schedule that works for your gallery and also falls within the safety regulations for the facility itself.

Transforming a storage unit into an art gallery is a creative and unexpected way to display art. Make sure your storage unit pop-up gallery is a success by planning for climate control, purchasing or building the right hardware to hold each piece, and working with management to ensure guests can safely visit your gallery in the future. Contact a company like All American Mini Storage for more information.