Climate Controlled Storage: Is This A Good Option For You?

When you place something in a storage unit, you want to be sure it is fully protected from any outside elements. To ensure your property remains in good condition, consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage facilities offer a variety of benefits over those that are not climate controlled. These units can be more costly, but they can be worth it. The following are some questions to think about if you cannot decide which storage unit to rent: Read More 

Self-Storage: 3 Tips To Keep In Mind For A Better Experience

If you have more items than your home can hold, you can keep some in a self-storage facility instead of cluttering your garage or yard. You can also use this facility when renovating your home to store things securely until the project ends. Some people use self-storage to keep their business inventories. If you also need a safe place to store valuable items, you should consider self-storage. However, it would help if you gathered some tips for the best experience using a storage unit. Read More