Can Small Businesses Benefit From Personal Storage Units?

Small businesses often have to think about ways to lower costs and improve efficiency. Running your business from home is always the go-to option for small business owners, but it's not necessarily the best. 

A better alternative would be to rent a personal storage unit closer to home or your target market. Here are reasons why personal storage units are worth considering.


The biggest concern for small businesses is the cost of running them. If you can't make enough to sustain and grow the business, you'll have to shut down. Renting business premises is one of the costs that you can reduce by transferring your business to a personal storage unit. 

For example, if you're running an online business, such as a clothing brand, you can use the personal storage unit as your base of operations. You can have your goods delivered to the storage facility, sort them out and ship them to the customers. 

Better Security 

As a business owner, you're always concerned about the security of your premises. Will a burglar break in while you're away? Will you lose valuable inventory? Fortunately, if you rent a personal storage unit, security is always guaranteed. You can choose a unit with key code access, security cameras, and door alarms. If anything happens to your merchandise, you'll know. 

Document Storage 

Businesses often hold on to documents for years or even decades. Keeping these documents on your business premises isn't ideal unless you have proper storage. Renting a personal storage unit would solve your problem. 

Personal storage units are smaller and cheaper than commercial units; thus, you can use the former to save sensitive files at a fraction of the cost. However, before you rent a unit, ensure that you research the storage company and understand the kind of security measures they have in place. 


Storage facilities have a wide range of storage units to suit all kinds of businesses and owners. You don't have to start with a big commercial storage unit if you don't need it. You can rent a smaller personal storage unit that will support your small business for a year or so. 

As your business grows and your merchandise increases, you can switch to a bigger unit. If you want to scale down, a personal storage unit is suitable as it's cheaper and offers enough storage to store your belongings. 

Also, storage facilities offer 24/7 access to their storage units. This means you can access the units at any time of the day or night as you please. You don't need a commercial unit if a smaller personal storage unit can serve the same purpose.