Climate Controlled Storage: Is This A Good Option For You?

When you place something in a storage unit, you want to be sure it is fully protected from any outside elements. To ensure your property remains in good condition, consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage facilities offer a variety of benefits over those that are not climate controlled. These units can be more costly, but they can be worth it. The following are some questions to think about if you cannot decide which storage unit to rent:

Why Would You Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled units are great for storing anything that can become damaged in heat or humidity. It is also ideal in freezing conditions. Units with climate control methods help maintain a constant temperature inside and prevent damage. These units also are controlled by dehumidifiers to help reduce dampness. All of these measures help prevent damage from water, heat, and moisture.

What Should You Keep in a Climate Controlled Facility?

You can place any type of property in a climate controlled storage unit, but it is best for certain fragile items. This includes wooden furniture that can otherwise suffer damage and warping in a regular storage unit. Any sentimental items that are difficult to replace are also best kept in a climate controlled storage unit. Important paperwork or any items made primarily of paper are also safe in a climate controlled facility.

What Should You Know Before You Decide?

If you are still deciding whether or not you need a climate controlled storage unit, there are some questions you can ask the facility manager. First, ask about the temperature range maintained inside the facility. You should also ask about how to access the facility in inclement weather. Some facilities are held within a larger building, but others are only accessible from outdoors. For that reason, you may have to abide by rules or regulations if you need to access your storage unit in bad weather. You should also ask about pest control measures and what is done if a rodent gets into your storage unit.

Climate controlled storage units are ideal for keeping your property safe from both weather elements and any natural damage they could endure while in your home. If you have property you want to keep safe, but you don't have the adequate space in your home, a climate controlled storage facility may be your best bet. Contact a climate controlled storage facility to learn more.