Self-Storage: 3 Tips To Keep In Mind For A Better Experience

If you have more items than your home can hold, you can keep some in a self-storage facility instead of cluttering your garage or yard. You can also use this facility when renovating your home to store things securely until the project ends. Some people use self-storage to keep their business inventories. If you also need a safe place to store valuable items, you should consider self-storage.

However, it would help if you gathered some tips for the best experience using a storage unit. Here are three tips to employ for a better experience.

1. Choose Your Storage Facility Carefully

The storage facility you work with determines if you will have a better or regrettable experience. Therefore, you should research multiple facilities to choose one that works for you. First, the facility should be in a convenient location near your home or business, and you should access it easily.

Also, it should have outstanding security features. This includes security cameras, alarm systems, advanced door locks, perimeter fencing, gates, adequate lighting, and security officers.

Additionally, ensure that the facility has excellent customer service because you want to be well-informed. When you visit the facilities, examine their cleanliness as this can tell you a lot about the company. It is also essential to work with a facility with climate-controlled indoor storage units, especially if you have items that can be destroyed by extreme humidity, cold, or heat.

It is essential to choose a facility that offers 24/7 services because you never know when you may need an item urgently. You can get referrals for a smoother process.

2. Have Enough Packing Supplies

Since you need to pack your items safely, you should purchase enough packing supplies. This includes boxes, wraps or blankets, packing papers, and a clipboard for paperwork. You should find them earlier to avoid the last-minute rush.

3. Label Your Packaging

You should label your packaging, such as boxes or containers, if you don't want to disarrange everything when looking for one item. It is advisable to categorize your items instead of mixing them. For instance, you can have a few boxes for clothes, utensils, or documents. You should label all sides of the boxes for easy identification and convenience.

Besides labeling the boxes, you should consider including the specifics, either on the box or on a separate list which you can tape in the unit. This organization will make your work easier during pick-ups.

Self-storage has helped many people keep their items safe for a long time. If you want to rent a unit, you should consider the tips discussed above for the best experience.