3 Tips To Optimize Storage Space When Putting Furniture In A Storage Unit

When a homeowner decides that they need to rent a storage unit to alleviate storage concerns in their own home, they may intend on storing all sorts of items. However, you may be interested in renting a storage unit and using it for furniture exclusively. If you do not have much or any experience with storing furniture, you should try to learn as much as you can.

Knowing how to store furniture properly is so important because doing so will help you optimize space in the unit so that you can use your money as efficiently as possible. 

Vacuum Sealing

While you should not make plans to vacuum-seal all your furniture, you should consider vacuum-sealing the smaller parts and soft accessories, such as hardware, pillows, and side cushions. A major advantage that comes with vacuum-sealing is that you can place the items almost anywhere.

Instead of needing to put a blanket or pillow in a safe and secure spot where it will not get dirtied, you should feel confident enough in the vacuum-sealed wrap to put it directly on a shelf or even on the floor, temporarily.


If you are trying to bring your furniture into the storage unit without any disassembly at all, you are going to end up using a lot more space than necessary. The easiest way to handle this situation is to get professional help with the disassembly or to take care of it on your own.

As soon as you take apart a piece of furniture, you should make sure to keep all the hardware and furniture pieces together, since doing so can make a difference in storage space. For example, tying all four legs of a furniture piece together will minimize the amount of space that they take up within your unit.


While vacuum sealing is something that you can look forward to doing for smaller items, you should not expect it to help you with storing large cushions. Although you may want to store cushions right away, you will benefit from first investing in cushion covers over the long run. These covers will give you peace of mind when putting fabric cushions into storage for months or years.

Clear covers are worth prioritizing because they will allow you to inspect the cushions without having to do any unzipping, which will expose the cushions temporarily.

Use these tips to move forward and safely placing your furniture in self-storage for as long as necessary.