3 Reasons to Use an Indoor Boat Storage Facility Instead of Storing it at Home

If you have a boat that you use on the weekends, but currently store in your driveway or the side of your house, you should consider using a storage facility, especially one that is designed for the storage of boats and RVs. The following are a few advantages to using this type of storage.

They offer better protection against theft

A storage facility offers your boat maximum protection from theft. Storage facilities are gated, making it difficult for a thief to bring in a vehicle and haul your boat away. Most of these facilities are well lit during the night, and they usually have a good security camera system. Although some facilities may be open 24 hours, most of them are not, so during the hours the storage is closed, there will be alarms set, including fire alarms. It is also common for a manager to live on the property, so if an alarm goes off, there is someone who can respond quickly. During the time when the facility is open, an indoor storage unit gives you additional protection with a door that is padlocked.

They offer better protection against vandalism

Let's face it, you are not always going to be home. If you decide to go away for a few days and using your boast is not a part of your plans, you will have to leave the boat on your property. If someone decides they want to damage your boat or steal parts off of it, then your only hope is that a neighbor will notice and call the police. However, if your boat is stored in an indoor unit, you can go anywhere you want for as long as you want and never worry about vandalism.

Environmental protection

Indoor storage provides protection from the weather throughout the year. Wind damage can occur at any time, and a storm can cause tree branches and other heavy debris to strike your boat. Depending upon the region where you live, your boat may be subject to sleet, snow and heavy rains when stored outdoors. A protective tarp is no substitute for indoor storage. Indoor storage will keep your boat in good shape, thereby protecting its value.

Granted, if you decide on an indoor storage, you will have a monthly bill that you don't have right now, but you may find that your insurance rates come down with indoor storage. You can visit resources such as https://www.sentryministorage.com/ to see how much money you will save on your premiums.