Have A Screen Printing Business? What You Need For Mobile Services

If you are trying to start a business selling clothing and you need an easy way to get your inventory to and from different events, and you want to offer screen press services on site, there are some things you want to have. You want to be able to set up shop at any location, and you want to be able to provide reliable services anywhere. Here are a few things you'll have to consider looking into so you are always ready to make money.

Durable Portable Tent

You want to be able to make shirts and sell inventory no matter what the weather is like, and you want to be comfortable doing it. You also want to protect your inventory. You can do this by getting a durable portable tent that will stand strong against high winds and rain, and that will also provide shade so you can work outdoors throughout the year. You can also get a portable heater and side flaps for the tent.

Storage Trailer

A storage trailer is a must if you want to easily load up all your machines, inventory, tables, chairs and other items. If you don't want to use your personal car, or worry about cramming everything into a vehicle and having enough space, then you'll have to get a storage trailer. These are easy to hook up and are spacious, and you can get shelving to organize everything. You'll also be able to protect your items from the weather and lock everything up so it's safe.

Commercial Grade Plastic Totes

You want to have industrial style totes that will protect against moisture and pests to carry inventory to different locations. These are ideal for days when the weather is wet, and when you want to keep everything organized and in order. Bins with handles are best for easy carrying.

If you offer a printing service and you want to be able to take your business on the road to different events so you can make the items right in front of people, and to improve your sales, these are some of the things you should consider getting. Contact local event coordinators and schools to let them know that you are offering these types of mobile options for people and that you can be used for fundraising and other things. Taking your business on the road also helps you market your business and services.