3 Ways That A Storage Facility Can Keep Your Items Safe

One of the biggest concerns you should have when putting your personal property into storage is the security of the storage facility, mostly because you do not want any of your items to become damaged or stolen while they are in storage. However, the majority of storage facilities will provide a large range of features and security measures that will keep your items as safe as possible, such as the three listed below.

24-Hour Surveillance

One of the biggest ways that a storage facility can keep your items safe is by providing 24-hour surveillance. This 24-hour surveillance means that if anybody does happen to break into your storage unit, the cameras will likely pick it up and the video can be given to the police in order to increase the odds of the thief being caught and your items being recovered. In addition, many storage facilities will also have security guards that are monitoring the surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, which means that those guards can respond as soon as they notice someone suspicious on the grounds and reduce the risk that someone will actually be able to get away with breaking into a storage unit.

Restricted Access

Another way the storage facility can keep your item safe is by restricting access to the facility itself. If you rent from an outdoor facility, the facility will typically be protected by a wall or fence that has a single access gate that can only be opened through the use of a key code that you are provided with when you first rent from the storage facility. In many cases, the security code will be a combination of your particular unit number and a pin that you create when you first sign up for service at the storage facility.

If you rent from an indoor storage facility, the restricted access as a result of the fact that the facility is only going to be accessible during certain times of the day. This means that there is always staff on hand in order to ensure that the individuals coming into the storage facility actually have business there, which greatly reduces the chances that someone is going to wander into the storage facility in order to break into one of the units.

Climate Control

Finally,  a storage facility will be able to help you keep your items safe by offering you climate controlled storage units. This is extremely beneficial for you if you have any items that can be more than a little sensitive to shifts in temperature, such as electronics or artwork. With a climate controlled storage unit, you can simply set the temperature to whatever is the optimal temperature for your items and then rest assured that temperature will be maintained for the rest of the time that you are renting that unit.

Contact a storage facility in your area today in order to discuss what steps they will take in order to keep your property safe and how they may be able to assist you. A storage facility can help you keep your items safe by providing storage units that have 24-hour surveillance, restricted access, and climate control. Check out companies like Cardinal Self Storage to get started.