Avoid Visiting Your Storage Facility During These Three Time Frames

If you are renting out a storage unit, sometimes packing and unpacking your items can be a pain. A great way to make this less of a drag is to be strategic in the times of day, week, and month that you plan trips to your self-storage unit. Saving yourself time getting in and out of a storage facility can make this a more efficient aspect of your life while also keeping safety in mind. If your schedule can accommodate, here are three times you should avoid your storage facility.

1. The Beginning and End of the Month

If you can avoid your storage facility during the end and beginning of each month, this can lower your stress levels and the amount of time spent waiting on others who are packing up or packing out. While storage visits around the first of the month sometimes cannot be avoided because of personal reasons such as move-out dates or the need to move inventory, be aware that this can be a peak time. The first of the month can be storage-facility amateur hour, with individuals that might not be very efficient at moving getting in your way.

2. Weekend Hours

Depending on your schedule, don't forget that the rest of the world might wake up on the weekends with spring cleaning on the brain. If you don't need to plan your storage trips during the weekend, when most others will be accessing their things, this can make your storage trip much quicker. The last thing you want is for a quick trip to your storage unit to turn into an all-day event that involves waiting on others to move their items or unload.

3. Late at Night 

On the other hand, it might not be the best idea to take avoiding the rush too far and make a habit of accessing your unit during completely vacant hours. While your storage facility might have round-the-clock security, you may be setting yourself up for danger if you visit your unit in the middle of the night. Try to pick times when at least a few other people will be around so you aren't targeted for theft by opportunists.

If you have a storage facility for your business or because your small-space lifestyle depends on this setup, you may have items you need to access regularly. It is a good idea to be safe about accessing your unit without subjecting yourself to having to load and unload with the masses during congested hours. Find times such as the middle of the day or week to visit your storage unit if you can to make this an easier task overall.